Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tomato Sandwich - Progress on WIP's

Here is the reference photo I took some time ago for the painting below.

8" x 8" WIP

Still Using Acrylics here to get more detail before beginning to finish in oils tomorrow.

 The above is obviously the reference photo for the painting below.  I decided to leave out the knife.

This 8" x 8" WIP has more definition now than it did yesterday.   I took out the foreground tomato slice today; still using acrylics but will begin in oils for the next stage and the completion of the painting.

I hope you enjoy seeing the stages of how the paintings develop and the changes I make along the way.   I enjoy sharing and hope it helps young (or mature) emerging artists as a teaching tool.   Some artists prefer to sketch everything out in detail before the begin the actual painting; and that is fine, if you prefer to do it that way.   I like the freedom of developing the painting as I go and it gives it more of a fresh feel and approach for me.    One can, of course, call my reference photos my "sketch".   

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