Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yipes ! Stripes!

"Seeing Red "
6" x 8" Oil on Raymar panel

This is what I have been working on today, Saturday.    I see I need to make some adjustment in the shape of the reflections in the vase on the right side.   I will work on it again tomorrow to correct and finish it.   I love the red striped material and will probably use it often in paintings.   Below is a painting done awhile back in oil.

12" x 16" Oil on gallery-wrap canvas

Both of the above paintings are available for your collection.   The "Seeing Red" miniature will be available after I tweak it some more tomorrow.  I will post it again after I make the needed adjustments.

Remember the orchid that followed me home last week?  It only had two lovely opened blossoms on it when I posted it then, but it did have 2 buds that opened fully yesterday and here is a new photo of it.  I just had to share it with you; it is so beautiful and I am inspired to paint it very soon.  I took several reference photos of the buds as they opened gradually.   The name of this orchid is Lc.Dinard "Blue Heaven", although it is definitely a pale lavender color instead of blue.   

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