Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tomato Sandwich Anyone ?

Work in Progress 8" x 8"
Tomato Sandwich half
The 2 white blobs behind the sandwich will be salt and pepper shakers 

Work In Progress 8" x 8"
The Tomato sandwich in the making 
I love tomato sandwiches !  They are also quick and easy to make when you are in hurry.   I very seldom eat bacon now, for health reasons, but that is yummy with the tomatoes as well as lettuce  .....BLT sandwich !   Nowadays, I just eat the tomatoes alone on the sandwich, along with mayonnaise and salt and pepper.

I quickly and very roughly laid in color yesterday in acrylics, but will finish the above 2 paintings in oil with lots of detail.   I also began two other still life paintings as well yesterday which will also be finished in oil paints.  I worked some more on my  4" x 4" water hyacinth yesterday, but I am having trouble with the lavender color .... getting it just right in acrylics is not as easy as with oil paints.   Since it is part of an acrylic set of 4 paintings the same size, I am reluctant to finish the water hyacinth in oils.  Here is a photo of it....remember it is still a work in progress and is rather in a "rough" stage right now.

4" x 4" WIP
Water Hyacinth 
By the way, you may purchase a print of a photo I took of a water hyacinth at the Fine Art America link on this page , above and to the right .    Or  click here instead.      Thank you for viewing my art !

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